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Road Test Assistance

1. Our service provides making the road test appointment for our students.

2. Student has to be on time, can not be late.

3. We will provide qualified vehicles and have a instructor accompany the student while they have their road test.

4. Student has the bring their Learners Permit, Road Test Application, and also their Picture ID.

5. The road test includes the following:

  • Hand Signals
  • Start Engine;
  • Start the car and also park it.
  • Parallel park;
  • Left and right turns;
  • Three-point turn;
  • Reversing in a straight line
  • Lane change
  • Start & stop on hills;
  • U-turn on hills;
  • Stop intersection
  • Through intersections

6. In addition to special driving assessment, the examiner will also check the following:

  • Driving posture: you need to correctly grasp the steering wheel with both hands;
  • Pay attention to traffic signs, signals, and road rules.
  • Driving on the proper lane and careful observation and send a signal before making a turn;
  • Managing the space around your vehicle. Leave a cushion of space ahead, behind and to both sides.
  • Driving at a safe speed and obey the speed limits and adjust the speed according to traffic conditions;
  • Yield properly.
  • Courteous driving: giving other drivers space to change lanes, not cutting them off and signalling your turns and lane changes properly.

7. Fees: Standard Price for those who has taken less than 3 classes from Success Driving school: $100
***The price includs picking up from the specified location, the use of the automobile and road test assistance fee.***


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