Driving Courses

Successful Driving School provides you with the best and most personalized curriculum, the most professional instructors, the most comfortable environment and facilities, and the lowest possible prices!
Teaching languages offered: English, Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese. Students choose the language to meet their needs.

Registration:Please call 617-689-3388,617-934-4389 to register, or use the Online Registration Form. Please bring a copy of your learner’s permit for your first driving class.

Driving Instruction
Cources Content Price(RMV Fees are not included)
One-on-one training $32/45min $32/45min
Teenagers driving course
(Week Days/Weekends)
30 hours of Classroom Instructions
12 hours of “Behind the Wheel” Training
6 hours of Observation
2 hours classes for parents
include RMV Certificate fee ($15)
(Road test fee is not included)
***For all the cources: Full refund if cancel 24 hours before the class starts.***
***For “Behind the Wheel” Training and Observation: The student is required to pay some processing fee if cancelation is made less than 24 hours in advance or absence without a valid reason.$32/class.***
Note: Prior to taking RMV road test, students aged 16-18 are required to attend “Standard Driving Courses”. By completing the course, the students receive a Driver’s Ed Completion Certificate issued by the driving school. With this certificate, the student can participate in the RMV road test. This certificate is valid until the student is 18 years of age.